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My Name is Scott Y. Hsieh, but i go by Scotty. My last name in  is pronounced: [ Shay ] say it twice, its "Thank You" in Taiwanese/Mandarin.

Scott Y. Hsieh is a dancer, capoeirista, and airbrush artist, well-versed in a multitude of dance forms from house and popping to samba. Introduced to the dance community at the age of 15, Scotty’s wide breadth of movement knowledge has brought him teaching opportunities at Millennium Dance Complex Orange County, Your Neighborhood Studio Culver City, training dance groups and conducting classes and workshops throughout California. He is one of the performer in sensational groups Malandro N’ Motion cirque groups such as DragonKnights Stilt Circus and The FuriesLA. Scotty has performed at Rock’N RIO Las Vegas 2015, the National Samba Queen and King Contest in Arizona where he competed & received the title of Prince Of Samba USA 2015&2018, he's also performed at LA Live with Sergio Mendez and SEAL(singer), in Austrailia,Japan, and in Rio, Brazil for Gafieira Brasil annual competition and with Mangueira in the Great Sambadrome for their Annual CARNIVAL. Scott Y. Hsieh is back and actively dancing, performing, and teaching.

My Dance styles include:

House Dance | Capoeira | Samba | Malandro | Popping | New Style Hustle


National Samba Queen & King Contest:


Performing with:

The FURIES LA | Open House LA | Samba N' Motion Loftoeira | DragonKnights Stilt Show |

“The best part of growing up is learning how to be a kid again”

-Scott Y. Hsieh